1 L. Bee hive feeder up. Beekeeping Hive Tool trough. Set at the top of the hive

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Delivery from Russian Federation.
Delivery time 2-4 weeks.

Size (mm) 244 × 142 × 50 1 liter.
Material – Plastic.
Bird Feeder, due to its compactness, can be used in the hives with a limited ceiling space, and can use several feeders at the same time, and, for example, be used in these different subcortical.
BeeFeeder meets the following requirements:
It provides free access to feed bees in any weather;
It is arranged so that the bees do not drown;
simple and easy to maintain;
food cools down quickly;
controlled feed consumption by bees.
Ceiling feeder is used for feeding the bees sugar syrup, or other integrated solutions. This trough is located in podkryshnike or in the lid of the hive (depending on the construction of the hive), while polozhok-lap turned in directly below the bottom slit feeder for the smooth passage of the bees in a small department of food trough.
Food from the larger compartment inaccessible to bees, as it is taking away the bees fed automatically into a small branch of the trough.