54 Black Virgin UHMW Heavy Duty Wear Bar / Scraper / Cutting Edge for John Deere Blade

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This is a heavy duty cutting edge to replace the standard mild steel wear bar, M75674, used on John Deere snow plows. It’s made of 1/2″ x 3″ Virgin BLACK UHMW for superior wear resistance and non-marking ability. Description Replaces factory part #M75674 Made of super wear resistant UHMW maximum life Reversible…when one side wears down, just flip over to use the other side! Thicker cutting edge to help reduce bounce and prolong cutting edge life Includes stainless steel fasteners Water jet cut holes for a perfect fit Will last 2-4 times longer than factory wear bar What is UHMW? UHMW is ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene bar that has exceptionally high abrasion and impact resistance properties. It will outwear all other materials, including metals, nylons, urethanes and fluoroplastics. In corrosion resistance, it has the same qualities of other polyethylene plastics. UHMW resists wear, friction and corrosion and thus it cuts maintenance costs, energy consumption and extends equipment life. Applications for UHMW materials include guide rails, wear plates, rollers, conveyor augers, bin and hopper lines, chutes, bearings, bushings and gears.