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Trap Swarms Of Wild Bees With This Swarm Trooper Swarm TrapFeatures: Made from CON-Pearl polypropylene board UV and weather resistant Volume and entrance size based on scientific studies of Dr. Thomas D. SteeleyUse:This innovative and easy to use Swarm Trooper swarm trap mimics the ideal space needed for a swarm to begin a new hive. The inside volume and entrance size are replicated from the studies done by Dr. Thomas D. Seeley in his scientific exploration of the swarm. The trap is designed to be hung from a tree branch without having to climb the tree. Timing is the most important part of catching swarms. Early spring is typically swarming season. It is far better to have traps out early rather than late. The ideal location, the second most important part of catching a swarm, is defined by a few different characteristics. First, there needs to be a nearby water source; less than half a mile away ideally. Second, the bees seem to appreciate a tree line overlooking an open area like a field. And lastly, the trap needs to be 10-15 feet off the ground. There are a few other things that will attract a swarm after the location is established. Bees are attracted to the smell of wood, old comb, Swarm Commander or lemongrass oil.This trap works great in conjunction with a lure. We carryvials of Swarm Commander lures, available in packs of5or10. We also sell the recently developedSwarm Commander Super Lure, which is the market leader in pheromone lures.