Dynamint Udder Cream – 2L Jug, 2 L

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Dynamint is a true oil & water emulsion which quickly delivers healing & anti-bacterial properties through the skin & into the soft tissue. Peppermint oil stimulates the circulatory & immune systems & adds a pleasant smell. Eucalyptus & calendula oils are known for their anti-bacterial & skin conditioning properties. The non-greasy water-based Cream is smooth, light & applies quickly & easily. Dynamint Cream was formulated to penetrate by osmosis & not simply to remain on top of the skin like competitive products. Used daily on the udders of dairy cows, Dynamint helps prevent udder edema, mastitis & infections. Many dairymen report massaging of Dynamint to be as good as an oxytocin injection for milk let-down. Others report fewer & milder cases of mastitis which reduces the need for antibiotics. Dynamint is now approved for organic dairies.
Non-greasy formula
Fast acting
Highly effective