Fogmaster Jr 5330 Pest Control Fogger Yard Garden Mosquito Fly Insect Fogger

Fogmaster Jr 5330 Pest Control Fogger Yard Garden Mosquito Fly Insect Fogger Price: $114.60 (as of 10/07/2018 00:10 PST- Details)

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Fogmaster Jr 5330 – Insect; Yard; Garden; Hydroponics; Home; Office Warehouse; Kennel; Barn Fogger

Small general utility fogger – 120 Volt Plug In Unit

The baby of the Fogmaster family; the Jr 5330 is constructed of corrosion resistant materials.

When a smaller or less expensive fogger is needed; consider the Fogmaster Jr

It’s easy to use. Twist the power head to detach the tank. Pour in your solution. Another half twist and you’re good to go. Slide the switch on the handle and adjust the rotary valve to adjust droplet size.

A reliable small fogger for applying insecticides; pesticides; odor control products; pet stain products; Fly control mosquito control and more.

Motor- 533010: 1/4 Hp; 120VAC 50/60 Hz; 3 Amp

Liquid Capacity – One quart [950 ml]

Chemicals – Any lightweight liquid. Nozzles can atomize both oil-based and water-based fluids.

Particle Size – 15-40 microns; adjustable.

Discharge Rate – 0-3 oz [120 ml] /min; adjustable

Power Cord; Plug – 9 ft; NEMA 1-15 [US]

Materials of Construction:

Nozzle and Housing – nylon

Tank – polyethylene

Seals & O-rings – Viton®

Tubing – fuel and oil resistant vinyl

Fittings – brass

Tank gasket – Urethane foam (standard)

Shipping Weight – Single unit: 5 lb [2 kg]

Warranty – One year

Use In:

Warehouses (roaches; silverfish)

Under buildings (roaches) In restaurants (roaches; flies)

Kennels (flies; fleas)

Stables; barns; chicken houses (flies)

Food processing plants

Transportation (cruise ships; airplanes; cargo containers)

Pharmaceuticals packaging

Production agriculture