Hatco FSHACH-3 Flav-R-Savor Heated Air Curtain Cabinet W/ Humidity

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The patented Hatco Heated Air Curtain Cabinet is ideal for holding wrapped product like tortillas, burritos, and ribs, as well as product on sheet pans like biscuits, chicken, hamburger patties, pizza, and baked potatoes. Holding temperatures range from 80F to 175F (27-79C)Choose from 2-pan and 2-pan units, single opening or pass-through, with or without humidity. Humidified models can be filled manually or with the auto-fill feature.The standard units holds half-size sheet pans (one per shelf) and the 2-pan pass-through model accommodates two full size sheet pans.Quality The following features assure the finest performance for years to come Heated Air Curtain Cabinet efectively and safely holds hot food hot without the use of doors, allowing immediate access to product.2-pan and -pan units available, with or without humidity.The standard units hold half-size sheet pans (one per shelf) and the 2-pan pass-throught model accommodates two full size sheet pans. SpecificationsType: Humidified 3-Tier Warmer with Air CurtainShipping Weight: 115 lbsDimensions: 20.8″W x 24.34″D x 30.52″H