Hatco HWBLIRT-FUL Drop-In Hot Food Well

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Hatco UR approved Built-In Heated Wells are available in five sizes: Rectangular full-size, rectangular 4/3 size, round 4-Quart (4 liter) round 7-Quart (7 liter), and round 11-Quart (10 liter). Choose from wet or dry operating models, in low, standard, or high watt. Full-size rectangular models can be insulated and are offered in top or bottom mount configurations. Compact infinite or thermostatic controls are available, and can be conveniently placed where needed.Quality The following features assure the finest performance for years to come Superior thermostat controls that read the actual temperature of the well and add heat only if needed.Full-size rectangular models can be insulated on sides and bottom to retain heat better, ensuring cooler surrounding surfaces for customer safety.Controls feature a sepparate lighted ON/OFF rocker switch and temperature dial, allowing preset temperatures to be maintained.50% larger drain with flat screen simplifies cleaning and holds pans level.Easy service access to heating elements and thermostats.Mounting kits for combustible countertops available.EZ locking hardware for quick installation.Thicker stainless steel construction and solid brazed joints for durability.SpecificationsVolts: 120Watts: 750Amps: 6.3Shipping Weight: 27 lbs.Dimensions: 13.7″W x 21.77″D x 9.45″H