Karl Jenter, queen rearing, larva education. Starter full set for beekeeping.

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Delivery from Russian Federation. Delivery time 2-4 weeks.
Art.-No. 011 – Starter full set, Standard device for queen rearing ( Reinsertion Method Jenter)
The procedure has been awarded three gold medals
Apimondia Gold medal in Warschaw in 1987
Jahn Dzierzon gold medal in Rio in 1989
Balkan medal in Belgrade in 1990
The article consisting of:
1 breeding comb
consisting of comb mesh, blocking screen, cover plate, cover
115 queen cells
115 insert cells
1 insertion aid
20 smooth cell support
20 ribbed cell support
10 protecitive cells
10 roller cage
1 breeding slats
1 DVD (Reinsertion Method Jenter) – instructional film.