Musashi High Pruning Shears [Paul] Slim Three-stage Anvil Blade 336 Price: $143.05 (as of 15/11/2021 12:07 PST- Details)

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● blade length (mm): 54 ● Cutting capacity (mm): is 1400 ~ 3100mm ● ultra-light type: 14 ● shrinkage long-length. ● It is anvil blade high specification cutting ability. ● For a three-stage, it is convenient can be stored in the shed and the trunk of the car in the compact will be 1.4m if Chijimere. ● It is a catch function with discernable branches and fruit which I cut. ● 3-stage is 1.4m ~ 3.1m (18 stage stretching) type. ● thick branches can also be cut if I attach a high branch only saw.