Nutriculture 12 Plant X-Stream Aeroponic Propagation System Price: $117.20 (as of 15/11/2021 10:22 PST- Details)

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Aeroponic propagators with pump fittings and a clear lid with butterfly vents.Why choose an Aeroponic Propagator? – Stronger thicker roots – Faster root development – Easy to check progress without disturbing the plants – More control over humidity and temperature – No messing – easy access to pump and nutrient – Use minimal or no growing medium – Suitable for transplanting to any medium or hydro system – All come with a Maxi-Jet 1000 pump (except the 12 site which is supplied withan MC320 pump) a delivery system and Neoprene Clone Collars & Mesh Pots. Spare Correx covers are available here too. 12 & 20 site spec:Tank Size: 23 (590mm) x 19 (490mm) x 12 (300mm) Lid Size: 495mm x 395mm x 195mm 36 site spec:Size: 770mm x 405mm x 270mmTank Volume:20 Litres 105 site spec:Size: 45.5”(1155mm) x 25”(630mm) x 10.5”(270mm) Tank Volume:70 Litres X-Stream Propagator Lid Fits a Wilma 8/ 10 top tray fits a Giant Garland tray (would take 3 trays of rockwool starter cubes)- L1070 x W570 x H220mm