PT15-300 Electronic Component Solar Panel Price: $73.00 (as of 15/11/2021 10:11 PST- Details)

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These PowerFilm 12 volt chargers allow trickle-charging of car, marine and auxiliary battery systems with solar power. It can be as easy as plugging one of our modules into a receptacle or hardwiring and mounting the panels on to a roof, canvas flap, or molding. Mounted flexible or rigid, these modules can survive the hot and cold extremes of permanent outdoor use environments. PowerFilmTM modules are excellent for remote power applications such as sensors and transmitters and, in some situations, as a total substitute for batteries. Specs: Min. output 200mA @ 15.4V, VOC is 19V, total size 10.6″ X 12.8″, Aperture size 9.5″ X 11.8″, encapsulation Tefzel/EVA, thickness 1.12mm (44 mil), weight 3.4 oz.Solder tabs.