Snow Joe MELT25EB MELT 25 Lb. Resealable Bag Premium Environmentally-Friendly Blend Ice Melter w/ CMA (2) Price: $30.95 (as of 15/11/2021 09:33 PST- Details)

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The MELT25EB Snow Joe MELT 25 lb Resealable Bag Premium Environmentally Friendly Ice Melt provides a greener, yet equally effective, deicing alternative to more harmful thawing agents. When used as directed, MELT enviro-blend will not harm grass, wood, concrete, metals or other vegetation and is safer for pets, children and the environment. Enhanced with CMA (calcium magnesium acetate), an environmentally benign thawing agent, this pet-friendly ice melter delivers fast and effective results without damaging metal surfaces, such as the exteriors of cars, trucks and other equipment.