Wind & Weather KA6928 Decorative Fiesta Wind Spinner

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Our fiesta metal wind spinner is a party of colors. Looking like a set of whirling peacock feathers, this bright & colorful spinner will dazzle & delight with its shiny metal discs & faux Jewels, whether in motion or standing still. Wire arms adorned with green metal discs & colorful, translucent “Jewels” spiral out from the center & create a hypnotic effect when they spin. At more than six’ tall & two’ across this is truly a Jumbo wind spinner whose colors & motion will captivate all who set eyes on it. Outdoor Decorative Fiesta Metal Wind Spinner 25.25 L x 10 W x 76 H
Wire spiral arms
Green metal discs with faux “jewels”
Vibrant color and hypnotic motion
Reminiscent of peacock feathers
Metal post included